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Create a blog website with Notion

Edit your content in Notion. Customize the look in Popsy. Publish to a custom domain. No code needed.

How to make a Notion blog website

  1. Use one of the templates below or create your own blog site in Notion.
  2. Copy your Notion page link and paste it into Popsy.
  3. Customize the look of your site. Colors, fonts, background, buttons, navbar, galleries, width, etc. Popsy lets you change everything without code.
  4. Publish to domain or your own custom domain for free.

Notion Blog website templates

Kickstart your site with Notion Blog website templates built for Popsy.

Why you need a Blog website

A blog website is the best way to introduce yourself or your business to potential clients, employers or partners and engage with them. Having a blog means everyone is able to find you, reach out to you, and refer you to others. Make your blog your content hub by combining your thoughts, work and news in one place. Having an easy tool to update your website enables you to always stay up to date and on track.
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Why use Popsy

With Popsy you can set up a custom domain, make buttons, navigation bar, galleries, and customize the look of your site without code. It stays synced with your Notion so updating content is super easy.
Popsy also takes care of all the technical aspects so you don’t have to. Excellent SEO, lightning fast sites, responsive design, pretty URLs, automatic sync with Notion and much more. You can have your new blog website live in less than 1 minute.

Customize everything without code!

Everything in Popsy can be customized exactly the way you want it. No code needed.
Font styles
Font weights
Font sizes
Emoji styles
Navigation bar

Add a navigation bar

Add some pages or links on the top of your page in Notion and Popsy will change them into a navbar.

Make buttons

In Notion put a link into brackets and Popsy will change it into a button.

Add icons to links and buttons

Popsy recognizes social links and adds brand icons automatically. To add a custom icon to your link or button, use any emoji and make it a part of the link. Popsy will change emojis inside the links into icons.

Get free Notion-style illustrations

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Clickable images

In Notion put a link inside the caption of the image. Popsy will hide the link and make the image clickable.

Create galleries

In Notion use an inline gallery block. Popsy will hide the clutter and create a beautiful gallery.

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