Turn your Notion page into a website

Turn your Notion page into a professional website with 1 click. Customize how it looks without code.

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Simple pricing

It’s free to create sites, no credit card needed. You only pay when you want to publish. It’s $8/month per site with a 7 day free trial.

Add a navigation bar

Add some pages or links on the top of your page in Notion and Popsy will change them into a navbar.

Make buttons

In Notion put a link into brackets and Popsy will change it into a button.

Add icons to links and buttons

Popsy recognizes social links and adds brand icons automatically. To add a custom icon to your link or button, use any emoji and make it a part of the link. Popsy will change emojis inside the links into icons.

Clickable images

In Notion put a link inside the caption of the image. Popsy will hide the link and make the image clickable.

Create galleries

In Notion use an inline gallery block. Popsy will hide the clutter and create a beautiful gallery.

Everything you need for a functional website

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Excellent SEO
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3rd party Integrations

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